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EOES 2021


great success!!

Due to the fact that COVID-19 measures prohibited the gathering of a large number of individuals from different countries, the Hungarian organisers decided to replace the physical EOES 2021 by a kind of 'distributed' event.

The international competition was planned in the same week as the original physical version (8 - 15 May), but took place locally in the participating countries and with a shorter program.

EOES association's Executive Board is no longer 'ad interim'

During the EOES week, the members of the Executive Board (EB) were elected at the meeting of the Governing Body (GB), as stipulated in the articles of association.

All ad interim members of the EB had submitted their candidacies in the required manner and, in the absence of new candidacies, were unanimously elected by the members of the GB.

Czech Republic will host EOES 2022

Also during the GB meeting, Jan Kříž brought the good news that the Czech Republic was willing to host EOES next year.

They would have done so last year, but then COVID-19 came and threw a spanner in the works, so that EOES 2020 had to be cancelled at the last minute.

Hopefully, everything will go according to plan now and can we meet in Hradec Králové!
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